Coming home to Cape Town

Coming home

What is better than having a place you can call home? Exactly. Having several places you can call home. Cape Town is definitely one of them. After a flight that felt like at least 1000 hours via Ethiopia, and Botswana we finally arrived in Cape Town.

Since my first stay there in 2010, when I lived here for 6 months with my amazing host family, (which I consider now as my family <3) this city and also the country hooked me. My hostmum warned me when she said :

Once you experience the spirit of Africa you will always return.

She was more than right! This is my forth visit to Cape Town but I still can’t get enough from the city and it’s people, there is always lots to discover!

Chart Farm, Wynberg

At rose chart farm you can pick your own roses, for very little money. It also has a great terrace where you can enjoy tea, cake and a great view on the Constantia valley. The Carrot cake is a MUST!

Kirstenbosch & Skeleton Gorge Hike

Cape Town’s botanical garden is world famous and definitely a must-see! There are different themes in the garden, you can have a look at the sculpture garden or wander through the watergarden or smell yourself through the fragrance part. What I was most excited about was their new attraction: A bridge at the top of the trees,the “Boomslang”  You walk through the trees crowns and have a great view as well!

The entrance to the hike is within the garden. It’s definitley a tough hike, crawling up wodden ladders and slipperly rocks included. But  all the hard work pays off when you reach the top! The most magnificent view awaits you. We hiked back the Nusery Revine trail,  where you hike along the mountain with the great view ahead and beautiful Proteas (the SA national flower) along your way down. I’m stiff as hell but it was definitley worth it!


11 thoughts on “Coming home to Cape Town

  1. Oh in kurzen Hosen und bei uns fängt es grad an zu schneien, ich wüßte also wo ich grad lieber wäre 🙂 – danke für die tollen Fotos und den Beitrag.


  2. Ich war bis jetzt noch nie in Südfrika, generell war ich noch nie auf dem afrikanischen Kontinent. Aber deine Fotos haben definitiv die Lust geweckt, dieses Land einmal zu bereisen. Vielen Dank!


  3. Südafrika ist noch so ein geheimer Traum in meinem Kopf. Wenn ich deine Bilder sehe, kann ich gut verstehen warum du dich dort so wohl fühlst. Eine echte Genussreise in “Deine Heimat”


  4. Cape Town. Still on my list but I guess it is such a beautiful place. I have been to Tansania one and it was such a stunning country. South Africa should be different but the magic of Africa is everywhere.


  5. Ich kann gut verstehen, dass Du Dich in Südafrika zu Hause fühlst. Ich habe mehrere Jahre dort gearbeitet, und es fehlt mir sehr. Wird wieder mal Zeit, dass ich meine Freunde in Kapstadt besuche.


    • WOW! Das ist ja toll! Das ist so ein kleiner Traum von mir dort für einige Jahre zu leben und zu arbeiten! Was hattest du denn für einen Job dort und war es sehr schwierig den zu bekommen?


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