Outdoor adventures Cape Town

You might have heard the term “Big Five” Which refers to the big game everyone wishes to see and being able to observe when doing a Safari. Those five are: Lions, Rhinos, Buffalos, Leopards and Elephants. The Big seven are using this term to refer to (extreme) sports adventures that you should do while staying in South Africa, according to a  flyer 😛 Those include doing a  helicopter flight, shark diving, quad, paragliding, bungee jumping,abseiling and kloofing. The country is great for outdoor adventurers who wish to get their adrenalin pumping!

What I got myself into

When travelling with a sports fanatic adrenalin junkie it is OF COURSE a must do at least a few of those mentioned “big seven” adventures.For Michaels Birthday in December I designed him a voucher (thanks canva :P) where he could choose from three extreme sports that I pre-selcted for him. I chose paragliding, abseiling from Table Mountain, and kloofing (a kind of extreme hike were you have to master obstacles like little waterfalls and natural slides. Aaaaaand of course he chose the one I was most afraid of: Paragliding. But there was no way back for me, promised is promised.

No time for being nervous

I chose the tandem paragliding company: Fly Cape Town. Their recommendations on tripavdisor where highly positive and the communication with them was easy and fun, via calling and whats app. And then it was time to get flying!  We started from Lions’ Head with perfect wind conditions. They clothe you up with the special equipment and helmet and you have to sign a certain permission. I didn’t really have time to be nervous because then we were already up in the air!

An amazing experience! I can only recommend it! See for yourself: I had a beautiful view on the Mother City and on the top of Lions head! The hikers there were waving at us and taking pictures, haha I never felt cooler in my life 😀



Finally smiling 😛


This is what you use that selfie stick for!

Ziplining in Constantia

Ziplining is like the adult version of those steel playground thingie, were you used to sit on and then slide on for a few seconds.

This Zipline construction is new in Constania/Silvermist, you zip between great mountains and under you are wineyards! After surviving the first section (you always walk up a little to the next mountain to slide it down again) it was great fun to me!

Our instructors made me feel safe and there were really funny guys:)  Afterwards I treated myself with a White Wine at the restaurant, which has a fabulous view and even more fabulous wine. I’m sorry I only have pictures from the wine, I was too afraid to loose my camera to bring it to the activity 😀  Just to mention how we got there: I drove ON THE OTHER SIDE of the road, and everyone survived, including the car 😀


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