Travelling doesn’t mean to go far

To me travelling means to go exploring. This doesn’t mean that I always have to hop into a plane and go to the furthest reachable place possible (although I do enjoy doing that every now and then :P)

When was the last time you went to see your local church/castle/ruin, insert it with any sight close to your hometown. When was the last time you took some time to just cycle or walk aroud in your closest forest or park? When was the last time you tried out a new restaurant you’ve never been too?  You don’t do it that often right? Same with me. But every now and then I realise this and sometimes it happens that I end up at the most amazing little Bistro with a friend of mine after we cycled across the most lovely Dutch countryside.

Explore your region!

I remember the time when I still went to school in the two highest grades, I started exploring my region together with my boyfriend. As he wasn’t from this area we did lots of activities normally only “tourists” do. This was also the time I realised how little I’d have known about the area that I lived in and on how much beauty I have missed out. I also told him once that if I haven’t got to know him probably my region would have remained a mystery to me as well.  A big plus by the way: Next time you have relatives or friends over you can actually take them to nice places 😛

               Impressions from my German & Dutch homes

A travellers heart

Travelling is not about going as far away  for as long as possible. Travelling to me is to have an open heart and open mind to be able to embrace all sorts of  places, people and encourterments. Travelling means to never get tired of exploring and staying curious on what the neyt day will bring. So sometimes you meet people, far away from their hometowns, but they are not travelling. Because they are too stressed out or too busy trying to fill their “To see, to eat, to do” lists instead of taking time to explore.

So therefore: Go out and explore whereever you are in our beautiful world ❤


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