A tribute to my second home

To all the travellers out there: If you have the chance to live and work for a while at a beautiful corner of our earth, take this chance it might be the best deciscion you will ever make!

This is why I love to submit my picture and the 1000 words story behind it to the rest of the posts which Igor from 7Kontinente is gathering. The pictures shows me Penny and Scip, my host parents in 2010 at Shelly Point a small town at the West Coast of South Africa. It means the world to me and it stands for so many more pictures and adventures that followed with those people and within this country.

This post is dedicated to all the South Africans that I met along my way since I first set foot onto this beautiful country. The friendships I tied, the adventures, drama and chilled days I shared with all of you.

Almost exactly 6 years ago, I was 16 and had no clue about anything whatsoever (nothing has changed ever since:D)  I was welcomed into the most amazing host family anyone can imagine. My adventure: to live with them and going to school in Cape Town for 6 months. Now 6 years, and 3 more visits later: there is not a single day that I am not thinking about you guys and my thoughts are circling around that one thought: when can I go back?

Looking back, this decision I made and the following journey I took was the best thing I possibly could have made. I gained views and experiences no tourist can ever make. I made friendships which last until today . The host family turned into my second family where I know that I am loved, valued and always welcomed back. (Shout out to: Penny, Scip, Lulu, Tash, Micey, Monica, Amelia and Makis)  I am very blessed to have ‘two pair’ of families that support me and accompany through my journey called life.

I could name endless awesome experiences that I shared with you crazy Cape Townians (what’s not to love about you:P) The great and new experience to study at an all girls school including uniforms in 2010, joining your matric dance in 2012 where all of you girls and the amazing friend who accompanied me made me feel like a princess. In 2013 the endless and countless 21st birthdays and the epic parties that came with it. And the parties in general. And wine, lots of it. Enjoying sundowners at the most beautiful beaches the braais and wine and cheese with my family. And of course all the TV shows we got addicted to! Joining you guys with either hiking, horse-riding, running, cycling or surfing in your amazing nature. All the late night talks, the car-ride talks and laughters. And of course the cats, dogs and horses!

Thank you all so much for welcoming me in your lifes and hearts from the very first second, thank you for keeping in touch at all times and the feeling you give me when I come back: that nothing has changed. You taught me so much and you still do, all of you guys shaped me into the person I am today. Thank you for becoming my second home.

‘Wherever you go-go with all your heart’ ❤

13 thoughts on “A tribute to my second home

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  3. Da bin ich fast ein wenig neidisch, mit “nur” einem zu Hause. Aber schön ist es eben nicht nur, dass du ein zweites zu Hause gefunden hast, sondern auch, dass du es so sehr schätzt und das auch deine Herzensmenschen wissen lässt. Denn genau deshalb, wirst du da wohl auch so toll aufgenommen worden sein. Schlussendlich ist es immer ein geben und nehmen. Und ein zu Hause kreiert man auch durch seinen Umgang damit.


  4. I can totally understand why you like cape town so much. I was there one year ago and I loved it: the people, the landscape, the beaches,… It’s actually the only city where I could imagine to live, beside my hometown 🙂


  5. It is such a great feeling having a second home. With all those friends and all your experiences there you are blessed. Never forget your part of your heart there. It is so wonderful.


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  9. Aloha Franzi
    Ich kenne dieses Gefühl nur zu gut. Im 2010 war ich für drei Monate in Hawaii und habe es von einer Seite kennengelernt, wie es in keinem Reiseführer steht. Auch die Beziehung zu meinen Gasteltern was grossartig. Sind ein sehr lebensfrohes und lustiges älteres Ehepaar gewesen. Ich muss selbst heute noch oft an sie denken.
    Vielen Dank fürs Mitmachen an der Blogparade!
    Gruss, Igor


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