Tips for travelling with your dog

The ones you know me most probably also know my furry little friend: My dog Niki. As I am travelling quite a lot throughout Germany and the Netherlands, obvisouly my dog comes with me and needs to be fit and confident to travel with me 🙂 In this post I share my tips and tricks for a relaxed trip with your dog. I’m also curious about yours! So far my dog also accompanied me on holidays in Denmark, Italy and the Netherlands. And many more adventures are to come!

What to bring:

This is of course highly individual per dog and also varies from the means of transportation and how long you stay at your destination. The following picture and list  is a general overview on what I bring when my little friend accompanies me. What I really recommend is to ALWAYS bring medicine and tools against fleas, I was once in Denmark with her in a holiday house and the full week she got fleas and I only had the flea shampoo. Yes buying all the other stuff was highly expenisve there! So rather be safe than sorry 😛



  • little blanket for the destination and also during travels it’s useful
  • foldable plastic bucket, during travels for drinking, at the destination she gets her food from there
  • Box with treats and goodies
  • Waterbottle with non sparkling water
  • Flea shampoo
  • Flea liquid for spraying on stuff (NOT on the animal!)
  • Tick “claw”- little helper to get rid of ticks
  • Leash
  • Little “Pullover” only for dogs with no fur at the belly like mine, I only bring it when we travel to cold countries
  • Left side basket: Foldable transportation basket for train&bus rides
  • Right side: Solid basket (non foldable) for transportation in the car
  • Not in the picture but important to bring along: pet passport
  • Not in the picture: food and favourite toy


By car:

We have a big basket for the car. We call it her “cage” (the massive black basket on the left) it sounds horrible but she really likes it! In the beginning we placed in the living room for her to sleep in it and get used to it. She perceives it now as a safe place where she can retract herself. This is an important factor in my opinion- The basket in the car needs to be seen by the dog as a good place to be in, he/she shouldn’t be afraid of it. I place this thing in the trunk of my car. Please note: Some dogs get car sick and throw up, test your dog on a short distance before hitting the road for a long trip.


  • On a long drive: Take regular breaks- good for both of you 🙂
  • When taking along some people via car pooling: always let them know that you also transport a dog, saves you and the possible allergic person lots of troubles.
  • Offer water to your dog and walk a little when being on breaks.
  • DON’T let your dog alone when taking a break at a highway restaurant/place, I put her once next to the bathroom area because I only quickly used it- came back to a very nervous grandpa who thought that I left my dog there alone 😀

By train & bus:

For my dog and me this way of transportation is a little more stressful than travelling by car. But with the right tricks you can also turn it into a relaxed trip 🙂  I bring along her little portable basket. PLUS: I can defold it once I don’t need it anymore, I highly recommend to get such a thing as you can easily attach it to your trolley/backpack instead of carrying it along like an idiot.


  • Inform yourself about the train regulations concerning bringing along your dog. For example ” Deutsche Bahn” transports dogs who are in a transport box for free. If you don’t have one of your dog is simply too big to fit in one, you have to pay half the ticket price you paid to get to your destination also for your dog.
  • The German train company “HKX” is taking dogs who are transported in transportation cages for free. Bigger dogs are charged 15 Euros.
  • On most German bus companies which serve long distances, dogs are unfortunately not allowed.
  • If it’s a long train ride, for my dog more than around two hours I walk her around a bit and let her strech, nice side effects: she gets lots of cuddles from other passengers.

By boat:

I haven’t travelled on a big ferry with her, which I assume is more relaxed than by car or train. I took her along on a small canoe once and on a paddleboat. Both of them just for a few hours in the afternoon. I recommend to bring your dog on water, only if you know that he can keep and behave in a calm manner, otherwise all of you will be in the water soon!

The canoe she did not enjoy that much, I had to put her on my lap otherwise she was too afraid. NOTE: My dog loves to swim, she tried to jump into the deep water a few times, please be careful with that. As a treat afterwards we went on a long walk:)

The paddleboat she enjoyed much more. It was bigger and more stable to her, in the end she realxed so much she fell asleep in it!

What are your experiences with travelling with your dog? Easy or difficult? What places have you explored together, share your stories and also tips with me ❤



9 thoughts on “Tips for travelling with your dog

  1. Hi Franzi,

    endlich mal noch jemand der mit seinem Hundi on tour ist. Ganz toller Artikel, musste bei einigen Fotos wirklich schmunzeln und an mich halten 😀 Reisen mit Hund kann manchmal echt herausfordernd sein, wenn die Staus lang, die Temperaturen heiß und die Nerven überstrapaziert sind, daher ist mein Haupttipp für alle die, die mit Hund Reisen wollen; Reist zur Nebensaison.

    Alles Liebe :*


    Liked by 1 person

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  3. Dein Hündchen ist ja unglaublich süß 🙂 Da ich selber auch einen Hund habe und diesen so gut es geht überall hin mit nehme (nur leider auf diese Weltreise nicht *schnief*) finde ich deinen Artikel sehr hilfreich, vielen Dank 🙂
    lg aus Ecuador


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