Outfit ideas for girls who travel

All backpackers or people travelling with hand luagge only know the feeling: you are super proud that you packed your backpack as efficently and light weighted as possible! You can survive and do all those adventures with just those few items! Halleluhja! This enthusiasm lasts until the first evening you want go out, and realise that, yes now all the people you will meet this night will think that you just stumbled through your wardrobe. Drunk. And blind.

I am really not a fashion girl & this blog won’t turn into a fashion blog. But today I’d like to share my ideas for possible outfits for a night out when you are travelling.

So I was always looking for clothing items that are practical but also fashionable. I also always bring a few earings and my favourite necklace. Over the years I am travelling now I found a nice technique and some outfits that serve three major purposes:

  1. They are dark and you can’t see stains on them easily.
  2. They serve almost always two options: I can wear them casually and fancy them up for going out.
  3. They don’t need to be ironed!

The following outfis are for a warm country, the last outfit is not appropriate for a conservative country. I always try to imitate local girls and women and check out the first night what they are wearing an I try to wear similar clothes (e.g: covering shoulders and/or knees etc.)

All pictures are taken and edited by my wonderful friend Anne! Usually you find her capturing beautiful landscapes and moments in nature & cities 🙂 Check out her instagram feed here.

Outfit 1: Black is always an option

The long pants I can wear for sightseeing and any light activites and during travelling from one place to the other. The shirt is super easy to wear for many activties. I wear it ranging from sports activties like hiking or horse riding but I can also wear it fancy as it has the cute little details on the shoulders. I always only take three pair of shoes: Sports shoes to get around, slip-slops for showering and my Birkenstock sandals for day activties and going out.


 Outfit 2: A Kimono to fancy up

The same as the above,  plus I wear a Kimono-style item. You don’t need to iron it and you immediately look more fancy 🙂 I also use it for visiting religious sights as it covers you up nicely and you can fold it until it’s tiny and it doesn’t weigh much. If you are not in a conservative country you can tie it up and only wear your bra underneath, looks also really nice!


Outfit 3: Colourful all the way

Those pants an the top are also really easy to also wear casually when you are travelling around or exploring a new city. The top I also wear for sporty activties. I wear them in two option: shirt tucked away in a knot and as a “crop top” versio where I simply tuck it up completely in my bra.


All clothing items are from the usual suspect stores H&M, C&A, second hand, or swapped with friends.

What is your ultimate trick for packing both casual and fancy clothes? How do you dress up when you go out in a foreign country? I am curious about your tips & experiences.

“Wherever you go-go with all your heart” ❤


19 thoughts on “Outfit ideas for girls who travel

  1. Good ideas. My travel clothings are similar. Pieces which can be fild tiny and have a color which is not that light. I love Tunicas and of course tiny bluses to turn over when it is windy.


  2. Hi Franzi,

    it looks like we have similar thoughts about the perfect travel outfits. I also have mainly black or dark colored clothing that I can use for everyday activities as well as for evening events by pepping it up with some jewelry, some nice scarves or a colorful blouse. I also usually have a set of shirts in different colors which are easy to wash and quick to dry. This allows me to bring a bit of color in my outfits. Thus I do not need much, but always look a bit different from day to day.

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  3. Very recognisable! I always have a dark blue dress of light material with me. Can be fold tiny and with sneakers sporty and with fancy slippers, it’s more fancy outfit! Oh and two trousers/shorts and three shirts that are all to combine with each other:)


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